Monday, May 30, 2011

Run 1 Week 1...Only 19 more weeks to go!

What a great Memorial Day weekend! I have been waiting so long for a 3 day weekend and this was the best! Everyday in the 80's and sunshine! Did a little yoga, a little kayaking, and a little running! Today was day 1 of official marathon training!

These photos are of Island Heights, NJ. The boardwalk is only about half a mile long so Stephanie and I ventured off through out the neighborhood as well so we didn't have to just keep going back and forth. It's pretty hilly over there so even though it's the first run of training we did have to run 2 hills...but since we were doing a run/walk interval the whole time it wasn't so bad.

Since it was so hot out we waited until 7:30pm to run. It was still pretty hot, but not unbearable, probably because the sun was going down. We did 35 minutes (walk 2 mins, run 3 mins.)

The next run day is Thursday so the plan for tomorrow is light weight training and Zumba and Wednesday is going to be pilates.

One run down....about 59 more to go...

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