Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She used to be a weight lifter...

Welcome to my new blog. Some of you may be my old blogger friends and some of you may be new, but either way thanks for following me! I figured it was only right to start a new blog, because I have a new journey...a new goal...and it's much different than My Life as an Amateur Fitness Competitor. This year...this month...(May 30th to be exact) I begin training for the Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon...my FIRST marathon...EVER.

I never in a MILLION years thought I would ever be training for a marathon...in fact, I think I remember telling my self I would never be crazy enough to do it...so how did I end up here? Well, I subscribe to a bazillion fitness related emails...and most of the time get so many I just end up deleting them...unless the subject line catches my attention. I think this one said something about entering your name into the lottery for the NWM. For whatever reason I opened the email clicked on the link and without giving myself time to back out filled out the registration. The race is 12 days before my 30th birthday and I figured if I was going to run a marathon the only way would be if I was "randomly chosen." There are 20,000 runners in this race (half marathon and marathon combined) and Team in Training and college students get an automatic bid into the race...I thought, my chances are slim...well here comes the morning of Wednesday, April 27th...I'm not even out of bed and I grab my itouch...immediately check my email and see that I have a "Congratulations! You're IN, baby!" email. I started to laugh...WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!

I'm not gonna lie. For a girl who said she would NEVER be crazy enough to run a marathon I was checking my email and bank account 10 times a day to see if my account was debited. I was anxious to throw myself into a NEW challenge...one that would help get me back into shape after 2 years off from competing in NPC fitness. I'm excited about the challenge of having to get back on a strict training schedule, and more importantly eating healthy. The last 2 years I abandoned the "clean eating" lifestyle (ok, not entirely, but instead of 90% clean 10% fun it was more like 30% clean and 70% fun) and now I am paying for it. Up about 20lbs from my April 2009 competition weight I am READY. I'm SICK of the pants being too snug and with summer a month away I am definitely NOT beach body ready (well at least in my eyes...I'm still "better off" than the average American woman my age, but who wants to be average?)

So, sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or post advice for me. I look forward to meeting new friends as I transform into an endurance athlete! Like I said, "She used to be a weight lifter..."

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