Friday, May 27, 2011

Official Training starts on Monday!

Happy Memorial Day weekend all! I am excited for this awesome weather here in NJ! I feel like I have been waiting SO LONG for summer...and here it is!

I look forward to relaxing, kayaking, BBQ-ing, and drinking this weekend because come Monday morning I am officially on my 20 week training program!

Last Saturday I ran a 5k race. Now, I have not run 3.1 miles straight in probably almost 2 I wanted to use this as a "baseline" for my fitness level. How bad was I starting out at??? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by my time...30 minutes 5 seconds...this is roughly 10 minutes per mile...or for those of you who run on a treadmill...equivalent to the speed of 6.0.

I felt good, and for the first time caught myself reciting a mantra over and over to myself the entire race...."Slow and steady finishes the race." Not sure how many times I said it before I actually realized I was saying it, but it definitely helped get me through it! The last quarter mile was awesome because my High School Cross Country and Track Coach saw me...jumped back onto the course and ran with me...that was pretty cool! Thanks, Coach B!

The day after the race I felt like I was hit by a truck! Everything hurt! But, in a weird way I liked it!

Today I bought my first pair of running shorts...I actually don't own any athletic shorts...and with how hot it's been the past 2 days figured there is NO WAY I will survive running in pants, even if they are cropped!

Here's to a fabulous holiday weekend!

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