Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long Run - 4 miles - I feel great!

So, the plan for today was to run 60 minutes or 4 miles (which ever came first.) I am still on a walk/run program so I wasn't sure which would come first. I was on my own today, no running partner, so I found a park near me that had a 1 mile path. I figured all I had to do is run my stop watch so I knew when to switch from walking to running and if I finished 4 laps before 60 minutes I would be done. I was pleasantly surprised to finish 4 miles in 46 minutes 50 seconds!

The first mile was tough. I didn't really warm up besides my 2 minute walk so my run was more a jog the first lap. My heels were feeling a pull so I made note that maybe a longer warm up would help loosen that up faster and also make sure to do some foot, ankle, and calf stretches regularly and of course after my run.

By the end of the second mile I felt awesome. My run was getting faster and I feel like the 2 minute walk was plenty of time to recover before I had to
run again.

Even though I didn't get out to run until almost 10am the temperature was comfortable and there was a nice breeze the whole time.

After my run I walked a little more around the park and did some stretches....came home and downed some Rehydrate before I got in the shower. After the shower I rolled each foot over a tennis ball to massage out the band that goes under my foot and up through my heel and Achilles tendon. Then I used "The Stick" on my quads and hamstrings, then did the DREADED foam roller over my quads, hammies, and IT band. (As much as it hurts, it does feel better afterwards.)

Check out my new headband thanks to the awesome website: Sweaty Bands. They have tons of great designs and I highly recommend checking it out! I already bought 3 (I think it might be my new addiction!)

Tomorrow I plan to hit up a pilates class for a little strength and more stretching.

Can't wait until my new running shorts come in the mail...maybe today?

Enjoy your weekend!

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