Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 weeks down & 17 more to go!

Today's long run started around 8:20am. Before I left the house I checked the weather and it said 67 degrees...YEAH RIGHT! It was super HOT and the sun was blazing. Steph and I already agree the longer these long runs get the earlier we will have to get out there to beat the heat.

So the plan was to run 7 miles...and according to the "Couch to Marathon" program I am using we had 1 hour 45 minutes to complete it. I was sure we were going to be finished well before that....and even with the few 1 minute walk breaks we were allowed we finished the 7 miles in 1 hour 25 mins!

The first part of our run had a few hills...and right away I felt my legs and glutes burning...but, for the most part I felt great the whole run! Last time my hip started bothering me around mile 4.5, but today I didn't feel anything at all. I don't know if it was from the fact that the terrain we were running on was a combination of black top, grass, and dirt and also had up hill, down hill, and flat...where as last time was all on the boardwalk and all flat.

Today was the first time I tried a "GU" on my run. Somewhere around 40 minutes into the run is when I took it. I decided to go with Tri-Berry because I thought the chocolate or vanilla would make me want water. I forget the brand, but it was pretty good. It was 100 calories and I think had like 25g sugar. I did feel pretty good the second half of the run, so I will have to go out and get more!

We ran through 2 towns and I even found 50 cents on the ground with a tenth of a mile to go!

I came home and showered, foam rolled my legs, ran my feet over the tennis ball, and ran the "Stick" over my calves. So much pain, yet such great post-run treatment. Today I picked up a bucket from the store so I can start to soak my feet and ankles as part of my post run rituals!

Looking forward to adding more miles each I nuts?!? Could I possibly be turning into a distance runner?

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