Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bug in Your Mouth is Not Protein, It's Gross!

Boy, busy week last week...I completed all of my runs and workouts, just haven't had the time to blog about it...I resolve to get better at updating more frequently.

So, today while running a bug flew in my mouth...EWW...a BIG ONE...but THANK GOD I didn't CHOMP DOWN on my gum...I spit it out as fast as it flew in...I highly recommend the "in through your nose, out through your mouth" breathing technique! I think I learned my lesson!

Last week was great! Finished the week with 11.5 miles and the long run was surprisingly not so dreadful. I mean, yes Steph and I are still in the "building the running base" stage so we are still on walk/runs....but we finished 6 miles in 70 minutes 40 seconds...I was proud of that! Around mile 4.5 my hip started really bothering me...but...then it subsided a little and I was able to finish. We ran the Seaside Park/Seaside Heights boardwalk...yep...the same place MTV's Jersey Shore is taped. Lucky for us there was no sight of a camera crew or fist pumpers!

I was kinda nervous about the hip thing...since I already have had hip issues in the past and since today is week 3, I need to do everything I can to prevent injury! So, as much as it KILLS ME I am foam rolling my glutes, hamstrings, quads, IT band, hips, and calves....I'm rolling my feet over a tennis ball and that kills me too...but after the torture I actually feel better. Yesterday I did an hour and 15 minutes of yoga, and I met with the chiropractor today. I'm hoping between all of that PLUS the occasional deep tissue massage I will avoid injury...or at least keep it to a minimum.

The last little (well, not so little) detail I have to get under better control is my nutrition. Without a written plan, like my workouts, it's hard (not to mention horrible) to "wing it" when it comes to my meals. I do have a book called Sports Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete that I just started reading that I know will help me plan out what foods I should and shouldn't be eating pre and post workout...especially when my runs become longer. I feel pretty confident that once I have my "clean" meal plan and vitamins/supplements WRITTEN DOWN my training will be taken to the next level.Tomorrow it's a little weight training and Zumba...but for now I'm going to kick up my feet and relax for the night....

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