Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oops...been slacking!

Not on the running! Just on the blogging...let's see if I can catch everyone up.

Week 5 was the hardest week so far. I was extra tired from running and the runs felt difficult...which is funny because I ended week 4 strong! The long run was 8 miles. Steph and I completed it in 1:36:54. The first 5-6 miles were ok...the last 2 miles HURT!

Week 6 started out good. I felt strong on the early week runs, but mid week found out my running partner had to pull from the marathon due to severe shin splints! I feel bad for her since I know that injury is a huge pain in the butt, and you really can't do anything but rest. I then began to feel nervous about having to finish this journey alone! Well, I ended up taking an extra day off from running this week, which ended up being a really good idea because I had to run 9 miles! So, since I was in desperate need for a new phone I FINALLY got the iPhone on Friday and downloaded the Nike+ app immediately. Got up Saturday morning, pulled on the running shorts, laced up the running shoes, strapped my new iPhone on my arm and set out for my run. This run was pretty good...nothing hurt, and I felt multiple surges of energy throughout the run. I ended up running my 9 miles FASTER than I ran the 8 miles the week before! 1:36:34!

So far I am in week 7 and it's looking good....I'll update again later in the week.

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